Digital Signage Software

Feature-packed and Powerful

Do you want to turn your kiosks or screens into digital signage displays?
You're looking for Screenplify - the highly customizable, simplified solution that will power your digital displays. Fine-tune your screen displays in a matter of minutes and create a functional design that you and your audience will love. It's time to bring your digital signage vision into reality.

Easy to use

Create eye-catching layouts, set scheduled content, and curate media playlists with our straighforward, intuitive interface.

Design Templates

Ran out of design ideas? Create layouts by selecting a design from a list of our creative templates.

Advanced Editor

Resize, reposition, and configure images, messages and other media to your heart's desire with our brilliant layout editor.

Multimedia support

Supports an extensive list of file extensions to display images, videos, maps, and directories. Also supports RSS feeds (both online and offline).

Display syncing

Multiple screens can be set to display duplicate layouts with synchronized content transitions and behaviour.

Display flexibility

Set your display dimensions and Screenplify seamlessly works with any screen resolution and aspect ratio.


Screenplify runs on customized Linux OS for unmatched system stability and robust performance.


Our extensible platform allows for integration with custom-made plugins and modules.

Customized Touchscreen Display Demo

Content Management System
Screen Layout Editor
Screen Content Manager
Screen Content Manager
Screen Content Manager

Look no further.
We've got your Digital Signage needs covered.

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